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The Great Aussie Pub Crawl

We enjoyed being a part of a unique marketing plan by Carlton United Breweries in March this year. CUB hosted a competition for customers to win the once in a lifetime chance to be part of the inaugural Carlton Draught Pub Crawl. This was no ordinary pub crawl! It was a nation-wide tour for 175 lucky punters via Virgin VH-VUY to 5 cities across Australia in 7 days.

This job involved wrapping and decking out a Gulfstream G4 private jet initially for the marketing campaign and then decking out the Virgin 737 with overhead locker panels and headrest covers for the actual tour. Both tasks were a testament to our teams commitment and tenacity.

An unexpected silver-lining when tackling the task of stripping out the overhead locker panels and headrest covers was that it took almost no time at all, as most of them had been souvenired by the passengers! Thanks Guys!

Here are some stories of the campaign:

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